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Made for a Secret Santa Xchange as requested by the 'giftee' in a GUNSMOKE group.
Like everything, one is never enough.....

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my friend... you have done a wonderful job on these!!

all three are beautiful! i love the colouring on the second one, and the blending of images on the third!


Thank you, oh great and powerful Goddess of Photoshop!
There was a forth one.... but it got caught in the middle of the motherboard saga and turned out ... crappy... busy... dark... oooky... stooopid.

I love all of these! The monologue on the first is perfect, Matt's visits to Boothill helped him make sense of his job and often the senseless actions others took in trying to avoid the law.

The second reminds me of a well-worn scrapbook, a single page of memories from the longest non-permanent relationship in history.

I think the third one may be my favorite though. The combination of colors are great, everything meshes so nicely. And of course in all of these the subject matter doesn't hurt. Yum ;)

Yup... that thar last one seems to deelite all the gurls!
Thanks for the kind words! I'm pleased you like them.

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