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Babylon 5 Love 2011
Part One....

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pretties are oh so pretty!!

TY oh great goddess of PS!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks..... I was pretty tickled how nicely it turned out!

Thanks muchly!

These are nice! I especially like the background on the Londo one, and the font on the Z'ha'dum one. Nice choice of quotes and images, too.

Thank you for the kind words!
They were great fun to make. :D

Agree with the consensus; that color behind Londo is terrifically rich and detailed.
And I always like to see Anna.


And the Londo one is just fantastic.

Thank you so much! I actually think the Londo on is that best wallpaper I've made... to date.

It's really pretty great.

Where'd you get the G'Kar in a Santa hat icon? (I currently want one with Zathras in a Christmas hat...)

I made it last year, along with a few others.......
Zathras, you say..... :)


Enjoy and thanks again.

Edited at 2011-12-26 12:17 am (UTC)

AHAHA I have a new default icon for the season! :D

The Delenn/Lennier one is breaking my heart actually, given the Lennier/Delenn context. Awww.

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